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The Picture Of Dory Ann Gray         
Ed Hartland


Fame, fortune and social media followers in their millions. Who wouldn’t want that? It seems that this dream is about to come true for young Dory Ann Gray when she is invited to a photo shoot with the famous photographer and artist Basil Hallward. Creating a stunningly beautiful online sculpture from her pictures, Basil helps Dory Ann become the most admired and powerful influencer on the internet. But how long will her luck last? How long before age and exhaustion will start marring Dory Ann’s beauty? Surely, youth is the only thing worth having – eternal youth. Luckily for Dory Ann, nothing is easier to create in our digital age than the illusion of eternal youth and beauty. But at what cost?

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nominiert für den Sonderpreis "#connect" des Bund deutscher Amateurtheater

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