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Trip To London & Coventry  

After its first successful production of Neil Simon’s CALIFORNIA SUITE in January 2019, the English Drama Group embarked on its second play BOXED UP which was performed in January 2020. 
After the performances in Germany, there followed a trip to London and to the drama department at Coventry University followed, including a performance of the play in Coventry.  
On this journey the cast of BOXED UP had the opportunity to meet many different theatre professionals and students from the University of Coventry, participate in different workshops and watch a variety of plays.

DAY 1: Buttferly Theatre and THE GREAT GATSBY

• Morning: Meisner acting workshop with Aileen Gonsalves from the Butterfly Theatre Company
• Afternoon: Rehearsal run-through & Q&A with Oliver Towse, lead actor in THE GREAT GATSBY
• Evening: Visit performance of immersive theatre production of THE GREAT GATSBY

Day 2: Meeting with Joe Robertson from THE JUNGLE & Visit to Elizabeth Samuels
Theatre School

• Morning: Meeting and discussion with Joe Robertson, the author of THE JUNGLE – a play about the Calais
refugee camp
• Afternoon: Visiting Sam Blake and his Elizabeth Samuels Theatre School – watching a drama lesson with
primary school children
• Evening: Visit to the musical theatre production of COME FROM AWAY

DAY 3: Sightseeing in London & Workshop at Shakespeare‘s Globe

• Morning: Sightseeing in London & exploring the city
• Afternoon: tour at Shakespeare‘s Globe Theatre & Shakespeare Workshop
• Evening: Journey to Coventry

Day 4: Guest Performance of BOXED UP in Coventry

• Morning: Meeting Ed Hartland (writer of BOXED UP) and rehearsing the play in a new location
• Afternoon: run-through of the play
• Evening: performance of BOXED UP in front of students and professors of the University of Coventry