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My Flatpack Life      
A site-specific theatre play by Ed Hartland presented by the English Drama Group.

Poster ganz.jpg

When middle-aged couple Diane and Gerald come to IKEA looking for a replacement for a broken coffee table they bought 20 years ago, they’re in for a big shock: the exact-same table is still available! This raises questions about their past – has anything happened in their lives in the past twenty years? – as well as their future: do they just carry on as before or is it time for a change? Come and follow ten customers around IKEA Walldorf as they attempt to not only design their homes, but their lives. Soon they start wondering if life might be a little bit like shopping for furniture: at the start you seem to have a universe of possibilities before you, but the further you get into it, the more one thing resembles the next, you recognise recurring patterns and you may well end up asking: "Do I have any choice at all?"

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