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In The Bleak Mid-Winter       
adapted by Ed Hartland


Two scientists have discovered a cure for cancer. Millions of lives will be saved, one of the great problems of the world solved. The two discoverers already imagine themselves as the saviours of the world. But you also need money to fund scientific research and to produce medication. And this is provided by private businesses who have other goals. The two scientists’ dream literally turns into a nightmare. As they hide themselves and their research in the attic of their university building, they enter a topsy-turvey world where people act on their basic instincts and urges, something they would never do in the “real” world. Or would they?
In The Bleak Mid-Winter is a dark “winter” version of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream raising questions about people’s true motives behind their private and public actions and about whether dreams a merely dreams or form part of and influence our reality. Join the English Drama Group of the PH Heidelberg in the building of the Department of Theoretical Physics of Heidelberg University for an immersive, site-specific journey behind the scenes of academic research and into the human subconscious.

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